Correctional Health Care

VNCH has been providing onsite comprehensive medical, behavioral health services and ancillary services since 1980.

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We provide advanced care with dignity.

The Health Care Professionals at VNCH have been serving a diverse and challenging population in correctional settings since 1980.

Our professional clinical services include:

  • Comprehensive medical
  • Behavioral health services
  • Ancillary support services

We provide the most advanced, cost-effective services available in today’s market. We pride ourselves on delivering care that emphasizes dignity, respect and professional courtesy to the individuals in a correctional setting.

Does your current correctional health program include the following?

Please use this checklist to determine what services you might be missing.

  • Comprehensive health care management in correctional facilities?
  • Consistent staffing coverage and quality care?
  • Drafts of policies and procedures consistent with your program structure and service delivery format?
  • Experience in NCCHC accreditation preparation and support?
  • Professional staffing with continuous recruitment and training to ensure licensed caregivers are highly credentialed and of the highest quality?  


  • Clinically necessary medical services primarily on site, as effectively and efficiently as possible? 
  • Psychological services including, but not limited to, evaluations, assessments, psychotherapy and substance abuse treatment?
  • A management team that creates a site specific strategic plan for program development?
  • Onsite education for ongoing development for custody and ancillary staff at facilities?
  • Quality assurance by performing clinical audits and case reviews to ensure compliance with accredited agencies?

Since 1980, VNCH has been providing the most advanced, cost-effective services available in the market. Let us show you a better way. 

What sets apart a correctional health nurse?

Correctional Health Nurses:

Specialize in the unbiased field of nursing that involves strict security rules while providing care for the medical and mental health needs of inmates and detainees.

Focus on the true art of “caring for people” and responding directly to their health care needs.

Use assessment, treatment and education skills in the areas of psych, emergent care, med surg, infectious disease and medication administration.

Work closely with correctional officers to ensure patient and employee safety.

What  community partner has to say:

“Community Support Program “CSP” and the Comprehensive Community Support program “CCS” provide medication management as a service for clients with severe and persistent symptoms of mental illness and co-occurring substance abuse disorders. If a CSP or CCS client is booked into the county jail, they are immediately seen by a correctional health professional; delivery and administration of medications are promptly coordinated by VNCH and CSP or CCS. This focused care is more likely to prevent the individual from becoming symptomatic in a challenging setting. VNCH clinical managers work closely with CSP and CCS 24/7 to ensure the stability, safety and successful release of our mutual clients. The relationship is constantly developing and evolving, from not only medication assistance but overall services for people going both ways. It seems that every month we are finding new solutions to problems that we may not have even known existed!”

— Tracy, Clinical Coordinator, CPS