Flu Shots, a little different this year

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The flu typically arrives in the US during the winter months and lasts through spring.  Your first line of protection is always your annual flu shot.  Health officials are urging people to get flu shots in September and October this year to help prevent a flu outbreak during the already challenging COVID-19 pandemic.  A particularly bad flu season along with the COVID-19 surges happening in our communities could overwhelm our health care systems.  Getting a flu shot is more important this year than usual.

Flu Shots are different at KVNA this year.  We will NOT be holding our clinic at our downtown office.  

KVNA IS giving vaccinations at Gateway's Conference Center (see below).  Gateway has partnered with us to ensure adequate space is available to safe distance and allow all guests to follow the CDC guidelines for community based clinics.


Gateway Conference Center
3520 30th Avenue, Kenosha

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
10:00a - 2:00p

Email:  info@kvna.net or call (262) 656-8400

We do have High Dose for seniors age 65+.  We look forward to helping you stay well.




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