Save a life, save the environment

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Proper disposal of unused, unwanted medication has a significant impact.  Keeping people from having access to medications cuts down on overdoses, suicides and protects our water from dangerous toxins.  Kenosha County has permanent drop off locations open 365 days a year.  Public Safety Building, 1000 55th St, M-F 8a-530p; Pleasant Prairie Police Dept, 8600 Green Bay Road, 24/7; Salem Lakes Village Hall, 9814 Antioch Rd, M-F 8a-4p; Somers Village Hall, 7511 12th St, M-F 8a-430p; Twin Lakes Police Dept, 920 Lance Dr, 24/7; and UWParkside Police Dept, 900 Wood Rd, 24/7.  Take advantage of the opportunity to be responsible.