Skilled Nursing Care

Our nurses give patients personalized skilled care and teaching that addresses the unique needs of the patient’s recovery. All care is provided under the direction of the patient’s physician.

Disease Management

Our clinicians use a multidisciplinary team (physicians, nurses, therapists, aides, social worker) approach to improve the quality of care for patients suffering from one or more chronic conditions. The goal is to help patients manage their disease and prevent complications.

Post-Operative Care

In-home assessment, care planning, intervention and outcome evaluation by our skilled nurses and therapists ensure that a treatment plan is developed to meet the patient’s individualized needs for the best possible recovery.

Home Infusion

Infusion therapy at home for medication and nutrition allows patients to remain in their own environment, decreases the risk of infection, supports the healing of the patient and is less costly than a hospital stay.

Wound Care

Our clinicians focus on wound assessment to develop a treatment plan that supports healing. A patient-centered plan of care includes medication management, nutritional counseling, environmental evaluation, patient/caregiver education and specific care practices. Interventions are intended to prevent hospital readmissions.

Medication Management

Keeping track of medicines is very important. Making sure they are stored properly, refilled timely and taken according to the doctor’s instructions is necessary for proper healing and recovery. Our clinicians review medications every visit to assess the patient’s response, to make sure there are no changes or interactions and all medications are taken correctly.

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Telemonitoring is the use of technology to monitor health care and health related information and education at a distance. Telemonitoring is used to provide our patients with additional resources to daily monitor their health along with appropriate intervention processes to reduce avoidable re-hospitalizations. Daily patient triage can be provided without the need for a costly nursing visit. Vital patient information is promptly made available to the nurse and the physician to make certain the patient’s health status is satisfactory.

Rehabilitation Services

Our Physical Therapists will help patients regain or improve their mobility; our Occupational Therapists will teach patients and families the skills needed to adapt to their environment; our Speech Therapists will help patients regain communication and cognitive skills, all provided in the comfort of home.

Physical Therapy

Our Physical Therapists help patients regain or improve their mobility by developing a personalized treatment plan to promote strength, movement and independence.  Physical therapy focuses on balance, safe use of assistive devices, joint mobility and protection, stamina and activity tolerance, home safety, wound care and pain management.

Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational Therapists teach patients and families the skills needed to adapt to their own environment during the course of recovery and healing.  Safe use of adaptive equipment and techniques to perform tasks of daily living with attention to energy conservation, bladder control and stress management encourage self-care, independence and will reduce the risk for falls.

Speech Therapy

Our Speech Therapists will work with our patients to improve their quality of life through regaining the ability to eat and swallow, improving cognitive skills for increased independence, and helping to regain communication skills to express wants, needs and ideas. Patients with dementia or cognitive impairment respond better to treatment because they’re in a familiar setting – their own home.

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Home Health Aides

Our caring and experienced aides help our patients with personal care and activities of daily living under the direction of a registered nurse.  Care can include bathing, grooming, dressing, ambulation and help with exercises.

Health At Home Services

Health at home services are self-pay programs intended to help individuals maintain their independence and manage their personal care. Payment for services is due at time care is provided.

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Personal Care

Personal care offers assistance with a shower or sponge bath, hair care, oral hygiene, nail care, denture care, shaving and dressing for the day.

At-Home Medical Assessment

An at-home medical assessment is a self-pay option for people who may not meet Medicare requirements for home care or who do not have insurance benefits. A registered nurse or therapist will schedule a home visit to assess medical needs and provide care, teaching and resource information.

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Care in the Community

Knowing your numbers is a vital part of managing your health. We offer a full menu of health screens to identify early warning signs of a potential disease. This self-pay program offers everyone the opportunity to take affordable action. Screens involve a finger stick or blood draw. Contact us for details and to schedule an appointment with our wellness nurse. No prescription is needed.

Health Screens

  • Cholestech Lipid Profile
  • Blood Glucose
  • Blood Pressure

Diagnostic Lab Services

  • Blood Draws

TB Skin Tests

Adult Immunizations

Adult Immunizations help prevent illness and reduce serious complications.

  • Flu
  • Pneumococcal Pneumonia
  • Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis

Employment Drug Screens

Employment Drug Screens are administered by trained clinicians on-site or in office to ensure employment needs are fulfilled.

Medic First Aid/CPR Classes

Medic First Aid/CPR Classes are conducted on-site or in KVNA classroom by certified instructors.

  • Health Care Employees
  • Industrial/Business Employees

Correctional Health Care

Under contract with the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department, our trained correctional health nurses provide medical care to the incarcerated population of Kenosha County with respect for various cultures and diversity of the people we serve.

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