Health at home services are self-pay opportunities intended to help individuals maintain their independence and manage their personal care.  Services are an option for someone who may not meet Medicare requirements for home care or who does not have insurance benefits.  Health at home services are scheduled by appointment and with the frequency necessary to provide safe care and service.

Are routine activities of daily living difficult?

Our bathing and foot care service offers the opportunity to take an active part in managing individual health and provides safety and independence.  Our certified home health aides bring compassionate, experienced, quality care and service to the home.

  • In-home foot care
  • In-home bathing care

Cost:    $35

Personal care services help keep you and your environment safe, clean and comfortable*

Assistance with light housekeeping and laundry, meal preparation, daily hygiene, bathing, dressing, ambulation

Cost:    $28 per hour
*Minimun 2 hours

Private duty nursing or therapy*

Our registered nurse or physical therapist will schedule a visit to your home to assess and provide treatment.  Hourly charge includes lab delivery time.  Medical supplies will be billed extra.

*Minimum one hour

Cost:     Registered Nurse $90 per hour
Physical Therapist: $95 per hour

Are you overwhelmed by your medications?

Our wellness nurse will schedule an in-home appointment to review each medication prescribed by the physician. The nurse will:

  • Make sure medications are exactly what the doctor ordered
  • Ensure the patient understands the right reason for taking medications correctly and make sure all side effects are understood
  • Explain how to set up and use a medication planner

Cost:  $90 per visit